About Us

About Us

The albionoil-limited.com Project is a modern organization that invites you to start investing in the extraction and development of Texas oil fields now. Every quarter we show improving performance and are ready for new investment infusions that will help us develop even faster. Our credo is to maximize investor profits and increase working capital.

Our main advantage lies in the recruited team of experts and specialists who work together to improve conditions and increase profits. We have brought together experienced engineers, geologists, technicians, drillers and scientists who are developing new fields right now in the USA. On the other hand, our staff is full of professional analysts, managers, financiers and public relations representatives.

Over time, we aim to expand and increase points of work around the world. Ahead of us is India, other US states and many places that will easily create income for our investors.

The principal activity of the albionoil-limited.com Company is the exploration and production of Texas oil. In addition to direct work with oil, we also work with the company's shares and earn on their growth. The assembled team shows a high level of professionalism and is popular all over the world. Thanks to this, we win tenders and receive special orders not only from private companies, but also from government agencies. We know how to collect information and properly manage it, which allows us to work without problems even with the most complex fields.We are assisted in our work not only by high-tech equipment, which our partners leased to us on excellent terms. We are helped by the use of high-precision software, which currently has no analogues in the world. A feature is not only the diversification of investor's risks due to pre-signed contracts for the supply and development, but also the use of artificial intelligence. AI can determine the location of the deposit with an accuracy of several tens of meters and provide additional information to our engineers. Already, the technologies we use are attracting the attention of large investors and depositors from Germany, New York, Dallas, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. During the next two quarters, it is also planned to enter into a beneficial cooperation with the government of the United Arab Emirates to develop new oil fields throughout the country. And right now you have the opportunity to start your path of creating passive capital with us.

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